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TrustNFT strives to be transparent at all times
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TrustNFT strives to be transparent at all times

TrustNFT is on the right track to becoming a traditional NFT market and lending. It still has a long way to go, but TrustNFT is committed to serving its customers with AI-driven crypto loans.

TrustNFT, a proprietary project is still under many changes. There are also a few new updates that are made from time to time. The project’s private token sale is the most notable. It will run until November 29.

Mantas Mackevicius is the CTO and co-founder of TrustNFT. Private investors are welcome at the moment as there is not much time to board the moving train.

He pointed out that early investors could benefit from the discounted price which is much better than the swap price.

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The above update was in line with the November project roadmap. This implies that the project organizer adheres to all set goals, which is impressive considering the number of new projects in the field. disappear every month.

Private token sales are still being conducted. Applicants can sign up for the presale waitlist which will close on November 29.

The waitlist members get unlimited access to the unique features of the platform before it goes live. Waitlist members will have unlimited access to Telegram VIP channels that allow them to connect with others who share similar interests.

The project organizers plan to also go public by listing their network token in an initial DEX offer (IDO), through one or more exchange protocols, by December 1.

TrustNFT launches in four phases

Mackevicius spoke out about the project roadmap and revealed that there will be four parts to the launch. The first is the loan aspect.

The launch of the first line of products for lending facilitation is planned for the first quarter of 2022.

Mackevicius stated that the AI section, which is the core of the project, will be iterated in the second phase. The third and fourth phases of the launch activities will consist of testing the project framework repeatedly in order to ensure that it continues working.

Mackevicius mentioned that training is a complex task and that users need to provide a lot of data in order for the AI section of this project to work. It will therefore arrive soon after the product launches.

It needs more data. Mackevicius stated that we need data from our blockchain, users, and the public domain in order to train our artificial intelligence model.

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He was open to answering questions about their greatest challenge and said that it might be training and implementing AI within the core infrastructure of the project.

It’s not perfect. One of the biggest challenges is having all the data necessary to train AI. Distributing it to customers will be the hardest part. All these problems will be solved if we have one year to train and implement them.

Manta stated.

The team collaborated with Andrius Barbtminas because he has extensive experience with this field, having worked on at most seven blockchain projects that integrated AI.

NFTs remain in a critical stage. This means that pricing corrections will be needed. This makes it easier for the AI to do their job. The project should be completed by 2022 barring any technical delays.

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