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This NFT company has an excellent domain
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This NFT company has an excellent domain

In the past year this year, NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) have been thriving as brand owners and investors have embraced a new kind of digital asset that brought CryptoPunk as well as bored monkeys to the forefront.

Statistics reflect prosperity. As of September 20, 2021, the total NFT sales totalled $774 million, which is up from only $25 million in May 2021.

Of course, the venture capital funds were poured into the NFTs. Artists like Sorare or Opensea have received several hundred million dollars every year.

Where does the money go Domain names aren’t much behind. The boom led to the acquisition of important domains to be used in NFT projects.

One of these domain names is

This domain that is extremely expensive is used to advertise Flow the blockchain developed to enable gaming applications and NFTs.

The story of Flow began in 2017, when its creators, Dapper Labs, blocked the Ethereum blockchain due to congestion after the launch of CryptoKitties among the original NFT projects.

instead of waiting around for Ethereum to get better, Dapper Labs created Flow. Both Flow, as well as Dapper Labs, have been successful this year.

Dapper Labs raised $ 555 million in funding in the year that it was founded and produced NBA Top Shots, which are digital representations of NBA players and their moments. It is evident that NBA Top Shots operates on the Flow.

To help promote Flow to a larger audience of NFT enthusiasts The company recently provided free electric car rides to participants of NFT NYC, an NFT conference.

The trick received a lot of attention. Twitter was flooded by Flow mentions.

One tweet specifically illustrates a photo from one of the Flow cars that will be at NFT NYC. It is evident it is is prominently featured (you might be able to see that the event is hosted on NFT.NYC as its NFT.NYC DNS).

A significant purchase however, not knowing all the details

Dapper Labs acquired in May 2021 from Nidecker Group, a Swiss snowboard manufacturer that utilized the domain name for its Flow brand.

The amount Dapper Labs paid for was not revealed, however, it is possible to imagine that it was at the very least six figures.

Since purchasing, Dapper Labs has made use of the name in advertising the Flow blockchain.

Offline marketing for digital products can be a challenge to attain however, Dapper Labs appears to have created a successful marketing campaign.

Like most times that the basis of any marketing campaign is the domain name. In this instance, it’s an extremely premium domain name that’s distinctive and instantly establishes the brand.

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