The EA CEO claims that NTFs is an "important element" to the development of video games in the coming years. - Bitxcon
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The EA CEO claims that NTFs is an “important element&#...
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The EA CEO claims that NTFs is an “important element” to the development of video games in the coming years.

A few of us simply would like to purchase and play games. Publishers are trying to make use of NFTs and games that earn money through play in the near future.

According to Eurogamer says, EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated in an earnings conference this week that NFTs, as well as play-to-earn games, are an “important element in the development of this industry.” But, he also acknowledged that they would not be appearing in any of the games developed by EA any time soon, as “it is too early to fully understand how they perform”.

The play-to-earning model rewards players who are familiar with cryptocurrency

NFTs are also known as non-fungible tokens. (NFTs) On the other hand, are digital certificates that protect intellectual property, and can be used in a variety of aspects of games. For instance, the creation of content for a particular game might require creating an NFT.

At the moment, EA is acknowledging that this new technology is important but nobody is aware of how best to utilize the technology in-game. It’s not likely to be implemented in the next Battlefield, FIFA, or The Sims because it could be a disaster and harm sales. Then there’s the issue of regulation or lack of it on cryptocurrencies in the present that could become an obstacle for EA.

EA also announced its financial results for the second quarter and CEO, John Wilson declaring “This was the most successful third quarter ever in Electronic Arts history, with more players across the globe taking part with our brands. major, new launches, as well as live service “. The company is expected to experience strong sales during the festive season, aided by Battlefield 2042, which launches on the 19th of November.

Ubisoft has also said that it would like to be a part of the realm of NFTs

Ubisoft Chief Financial Officer Frederick Duguet earlier this week stated the exact same thing as Andrew Wilson suggested. Duguet believes that the technology “will increase the amount of play-to-earning that allows more players to earn content and own their own and, we believe, it will help grow the business significantly.”

An NFT In case you’re not sure is a distinct version of a digital asset. For instance, the digital artifact (which can typically be shared for a long time) could become “tokenized” to create a unique piece. The token functions as a sort of certification that is not able to be duplicated and allows you to trade your NFT asset in the future with authenticity.

Ubisoft and EA are likely to be joined by other publishers who want to profit from this method, which could let players earn cryptocurrency playing. Sega has stated that it will begin selling NFTs in line with its IPs. If you are also looking to buy Bitcoins then you should look up our article.

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