Shiba Inu is down by $ 2,76 billion Will Robinhood and Kraken be able to raise it? - Bitxcon
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Shiba Inu is down by $ 2,76 billion Will Robinhood and Krake...
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Shiba Inu is down by $ 2,76 billion Will Robinhood and Kraken be able to raise it?

Like all cryptocurrency analysts and fans have stated, it’s time to invest in altcoins. Particularly for altcoins like Shiba Inu that has become a global sensation. Not just is SHIB increasing in popularity and momentum, but its usage instances are also growing. So, it is safe to claim that this month of November is another positive month for crypto enthusiasts in the event that the correct decision on investment is made.

Stratospheric gains

In line with the Shiba Inu debate In August of 2020, an investor purchased $ 8.000 in SHIB tokens. In the last few days, the same person moved 40.004 trillion tokens out of their wallets to four wallets. According to Etherscan when measured in fiat currency the transferred tokens amount in the range of 2.760.000.0027,60 million dollars.

Furthermore, the transaction was completed just days following Shiba beating Dogecoin to be part of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. In the first month, meme coin has seen a rise of 103,2 percent in the past 12 months, following a dramatic rise that has seen SHIB become the most talked about cryptocurrency of the last few weeks.

Simply put, Shiba Inu tokens were transferred to 4 addresses that didn’t have any previous token transfers. Furthermore, the transaction was completed between 18:20 PM until 18:45 pm Eastern Time on Tuesday. Each transfer cost about $ 600 (10 trillion dollars). In the same way, at the time of the transfer, it was reported that Shiba Inu was at $ 0,000069 per unit. Shiba Inu was at $ 0,000069 for each unit.

Following the transaction, the cost of SHIB token has dropped by 7,35 percentage. However, some people have different opinions on the reason for Shiba’s price decline. In particular, the analyst Kelvin Smart claims:

“The price is down a bit mostly due to the post-impact of the launch of the squid token that has forced the liquidation of many investments funds. The effect has been felt on the majority of novices who have pulled their money out of SHIBA INU as a result of the fear of a similar situation occurring. This is, however, primarily due to their complete ignorance and ignorance “.

Facebook’s “Meta” has an impact on Shiba Inu’s price

The Facebook rebranding change in Meta is a different level of influence on the recession as many have also switched their money to SHIBA to trading other metaverse tokens like MANA as well as SAND. This is the reason for the dramatic increase in trading volume for these coins which has led to SHIBA INU to decrease slightly in terms of volume.

But, what is important is that the quantity of owners of Shib remains increasing and is a significant factor that determines the value over the long term for the cost. As Facebook’s Meta effect fades the people will be able to bring the entire profit into SHIBA and guess what’s going to occur? A massive run-up.

In the meantime, the Shiba army is waiting for the announcement from Kraken as well as Robinhood to increase their quotes by SHIB. At present, Shiba Inu is trading at the price of $ 0,00006602.

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