NFT Theft from Bored Ape Fan Under the Pretext of Twitter Scam Airdrop
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NFT Theft from Bored Ape Fan Under the Pretext of Twitter Sc...

NFT Theft from Bored Ape Fan Under the Pretext of Twitter Scam Airdrop

TODAY another NFT Bored Monkey owner phishing by a fake Twitter account (bhawana. eth). This is the latest in a long line of people who the NFT twitter airdrop scam.

It’s easy for scammers to buy verified profiles that aren’t in use, buy followers to look like they have a lot of followers, and fill bios with pictures that look like they belong to the account.

People who use modern phishing tricks have been able to get their hands on NFTs that are $160,000 worth of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) fans who want to get the ApeCoin airdrop.

AnChain’s vetting form is the first step in the plan. Hackers will gain access to Twitter handles before masking them as flashy BAYC writers and NFT collectors.

The hacked account shows an image of BAYC NFT in Twitter hexagon design. To get people to sign up for a fake airdrop for BAYC’s new friendly digital currency, they spread spam and social design messages that look like they came from the company.

In what way is the NFT Airdrop Scam Twitter Different From the Rest?

In this case, hackers used old Twitter profiles with blue ticks and bought followers. They then uploaded Ape NFT photos to the site.

Then they make a website, which anyone can do, mainly if they use a domain name as a dot: art,, or Anyone can set up a website as long as it hasn’t already claim. If you have, adding a dash can also help.

Those who don’t know what they’re getting into are asked to “link their wallets,” If they do, their NFTs and any crypto funds will drain and stolen right away.

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs worth $316,000. Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs are worth $72,500. Other NFTs were also lost in the twitter scam airdrop. The investors lost more than half a million dollars.

Crypto traders on Twitter noticed that trustNFT and crypto transactions on Ethereum recording on Etherscan. This led them to believe that a twitter scam airdrop had taken place.

It’s Called the Gang NFT Cat

Programmers were able to get into some of the well-known people on Crypto twitter scam airdrop TM. Because they work together with the connection to the airdrop. Included Fanzo, who owns the NFT 365 Podcast.

Fanzo says that if his wallet hack, the attacker will take his NFT without him even clicking on the phishing link. He made a video that explained what happened. As a result, Gutter Cat Gang creator Aarontc. Eth lost about two NFT Gutter Cat Gangs worth about 34 ETH ($114,000) in the attack, which took place.

The attack had a rotating wallet address, which means that programmers could have given out more crypto without anyone noticing. AnChain, by the way.

If you do this airdrop trick, AI thinks you’ll get at least 46.64 ETH ($160,000). Chainalysis and CipherTrace, for example, work at the “insight” stage to make sure that regulatory requirements, administrative consistency, security oversight, and executive risk are all met in the blockchain.

Bitcoins Get Paid Out As a Reward

Twitter account hacks have risen sharply in the last few years. People were so excited about 2020 that they took over more than 100 of the most popular handles, like those of former US Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk.

This is a scam from a computer programmer who wants to double the amount of Bitcoin sent from a specific place. In the end, the person who led the scam sued for another kind of mistake. The sender didn’t get the Bitcoin.

The virtual entertainment monster took a break from some of its foundations while working on the hack. Then-executive boss Jack Dorsey thought it was a very stressful day for his company.

The company said it needed a skilled and knowledgeable person to fight against Twitter Scam Airdrop blue flags to take advantage of BAYC’s recent APE tokens.

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