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Fortnite Epic Games loves NFTs now that Steam has completely...

Fortnite Epic Games loves NFTs now that Steam has completely rejected them

Just a few days after Steam has stopped allowing tokens that are non-fungible (NFTs), Fortnite publisher Epic Games says it is considering allowing digital collectibles to be sold on its website, however, not in the games produced by the company.

The news comes just a few days following Epic Games chief executive Tim Sweeney dismissed NFTs on Twitter: “We’re not touching NFTs because the entire field is currently in a mess with an intractable mixture of frauds, intriguing technology foundations that are decentralized. and frauds, “He said.

According to The Verge, Steam’s parent company Valve recently added cryptocurrency in its list of items not to be sold on its marketplace.

NFTs in video games are as collectibles, such as skins and weapons.

They’re worth a lot more than the cost of the game. They are able to be bought and sold using the cryptocurrency market, while ownership can be stored on the blockchain.

There is no NFT for Fortnite

Epic Games told The Verge in the last week that they are “open to any games that can support blockchain-based assets or cryptocurrencies.”

By segregating the software he developed himself from that of his stores the CEO Sweeney has established guidelines for developers from third parties who wish to release games on this North Carolina-based business.

Developers who plan to sell their NFT-based games on Epic Games’ Epic Games online store will have to:

Manage their own payment methods (Epic Games announced that they would not accept cryptocurrency),

conform to applicable laws and regulations.

It is clear how blockchain will be clearly defined how blockchain is used.

Fortnite developers have also stated that games that contain NFT games should be identified with ratings that are appropriate for ages.

The warnings list suggests that blockchain-related games will not be available on Epic’s online store anytime very soon, since developers will require time to adapt to the new rules.

Additionally, the game is licensed to sell on a case-by basis. According to the FAQ page, Epic operates a “Closed Beta” onboarding process.

Steam On the other hand is more flexible in regards to self-publishing. The games can be released after the review period has expired and there is a cost of $ 100 for publishing.

The chief of Epic Games now welcome financial innovations.

Epic Game’s latest opening to NFTs is in line with previous contradictory statements from chief executive Tim Sweeney.

In late September Sweeney was vocally against a launch for a game that included an in-game NFT.

Sweeney stated that NFTs are filled with scams, and suggested Epic Games will keep blockchain games from being played. In other tweets from recent, Sweeney said, “We appreciate innovation in the realms of finance and technology.”

Steam is the biggest online video game distribution company worldwide, and Epic Games’ apparent rethink to NFT may indicate an offer for a larger market share.

Epic Games has already cut Steam by 18% in its revenue split of 70-30 between publisher and developer. Epic Games website notes that the developers “keep 88 percent of the profits from their games, instead of 70 percent”.

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