After Accept Critics, Chivo Bitcoin Wallet Gets New Developer To Improve App Performance
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After Accept Critics, Chivo Bitcoin Wallet Gets New Develope...

After Accept Critics, Chivo Bitcoin Wallet Gets New Developer To Improve App Performance

The Chivo bitcoin wallet in El Salvador establishes a new crypto software supplier. They’ve also heard many stories about transactions going bad, money going missing, and other technical issues cropping up all the time.

The government of the United States announced Tuesday that AlphaPoint. A company based in the United States, is now providing infrastructure for bitcoin wallets.

Soon after El Salvador became the first country to accept bitcoin as legal cash in September, it began providing Chivo bitcoin wallet to its residents.

People and businesses may now send and receive bitcoins with the help of this handy mobile app.

Chivo Bitcoin Wallet El Salvador Had a Bumpy Start to the Season

More than 4 million people use Chivo bitcoin wallet. A wallet that accepts Bitcoin and U.S. dollars as payment. In recent months, many problems have plagued the app, including account suspensions and unsuccessful transactions.

Many crypto businesses have contributed to the project since it began in September. It’s not always clear how they fit together or who else might be participating in the app, even though we know some basic information.

To encourage the adoption of bitcoin, the government provides each wallet with $30 worth of virtual currency. The reward was allegedly claimed by hackers who access Chivo bitcoin wallet using users’ ID numbers.

Athena Bitcoin, a bitcoin ATM provider and operator provided the goat wallet’s technology before AlphaPoint replaced it.

Algorithm pioneer Igor Telyatnikov says El Salvador and President Bukele “really lead the globe in national acceptance of bitcoin city.”

"This is the first time anyone has attempted a project like this. It is an honor for us at AlphaPoint to be a part of this process and to deliver a solution that is both trustworthy and appropriate for the scope of the undertaking by the government. The Chivo Bitcoin Wallet software use by millions of Salvadoran. Many of whom have never used a bank before.."

On the other hand, the government hired numerous new U.S. companies to collaborate on improving the performance of this expanding application.

For this reason, Bukele argued, declaring bitcoin legal tender will make it easier for those who live outside of the United States to utilize banking services and send and receive money from their loved ones. Statista estimates that 71% of Salvadorans do not have access to a bank account.

There will Front-end and Back-end Components to Chivo Bitcoin Wallet

Support To date, more than 150 crypto exchanges, brokers, and wallets in 35 countries have worked with AlphaPoint since its inception in June 2013. Chivo is the company’s first contract with the U.S. government.

“The front-end and back-end infrastructure” that powers the wallet and unites the entire ecosystem now support by AlphaPoint. Includes mobile apps, mobile POS processing, merchant website portals, call-center support software, and administrative dashboards.

However, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) encouraged El Salvador not to accept bitcoin as legal cash in January, citing financial stability and consumer protection dangers — which Bukele rejected.

Chivo Anti-Money Laundering Program

Chivo Bitcoin Wallet users have reported numerous incidents of identity theft. The $30 Bitcoin reward has been claimed multiple times by individuals who use inaccurate ID numbers.

On January 18, Netki, a digital identity expert based in Los Angeles, announced that they have partnered with the Chivo initiative. Then, I’d like to propose. The KYC/AML product ID including in the application to verify users and guard against fraud. Also included are allegations of misuse of one’s own identity.

Verifying consumers and protecting them from fraud is the goal of Netki. Why did Chivo bring in a new member who specializes in fraud prevention?

Chivo verification was avoided in October by people submitting photocopies of their I.D.s on social media. Snap a picture of a movie poster character instead of a real person.

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