Cardano boss: We are open to working with Solana (SOL)
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Cardano boss: We are open to working with Solana (SOL)

Cardano boss: We are open to working with Solana (SOL)

Charles Hoskinson (Cardano boss and Global Input Output) (IOG), commented on the issue regarding cooperation with Solana. He stated that he did not understand the smart contract blockchain issue but wanted to learn more.

The popularity of the crypto asset was due to the skyrocketing Solana (SOL), price. SOL investors have made 6,100% in profits since the start of the year, with the majority of these gains being achieved within the last two weeks.

Cardano boss, Teamwork Capability

Solana stated that Proof of History (PoH), technology allows 200 node connectivity to support 50 000 business transactions per second using graphics card (GPU) capabilities. Institutions are attracted to their claims of high scalability, fast transaction times, and great scalability.

PoH has a problem: anyone can create a history record that details an event that occurred at a particular time.

Hoskinson, despite the many eyes looking at Solana from a distance, expressed his willingness to work with them. It must not be done above the common good.

Hoskinson responded to Solana’s question about collaboration in the latest Ask Me Anything (AMA), by saying that it wasn’t her decision. This is because the Cardano community made this collaboration possible.

Hoskinson admitted that Solana has been receiving a lot of attention lately. He wanted to learn more about the blockchain which launched the mainnet during the March 2020 crypto asset market crash.

“I noticed that Solana was being highly adopted and being talked about a lot. Her performance on the market was also excellent. I was intrigued to find out who they were. Hoskinson says, “I really wanted to find out.”

Deeper Solana

Hoskinson ordered a business analysis report to answer his curiosity. Hoskinson contacted Solana to get more information about the project.

They were extremely helpful. They sent me a private message through Twitter with some links and information I had read. Hoskinson added, “I’ll have a stronger view once I dig deeper.”

Hoskinson suggested that the problem of establishing cooperation could be solved through technical cooperation, economic cooperation, or scientific cooperation cardano.

Solana’s name and the current high price of SOL are not factors that determine cooperation. Hoskinson is open to cooperation when there is an interest in resolving important issues must also think for invest in uniswap.

For now, however, there is no connection between Solana.

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