Blockchain is Changing the Way Celebrities and Their Fans Interact In Cyberspace
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Blockchain is Changing the Way Celebrities and Their Fans In...

Blockchain is Changing the Way Celebrities and Their Fans Interact In Cyberspace

Social media is still based on a tried-and-true format that allows fans to only interact with celebrities one way. You can see photos of your favorite celebrities, listen to their opinions, view their videos, and so forth. But, these one-way interaction is rare to reciprocate and will never appreciate. Because celebrities have hectic schedules, fans can also cause disruption. Because celebrities are unable to respond effectively to millions of fans, they are all alone.

Trouble Shooting Interact Celebrities and Fans

Block exchange Promify is a social currency based on a chain. It was design to revolutionize the social media world. Fans can purchase tokens from celebrities to interact with them. It allows for two-way interaction and gives fans access to merchandise, concerts, and other exclusive events.

This is a novel innovation that creates a mutualism between the two. Because this allows celebrities to choose the fans they want to respond to.

Is It Effective?

Promify can use as a mobile link to allow private brand recognition for celebrity encryption currency (CelebCoin). This token allows fans to participate in fan events, get NFT and receive exclusive merchandise first. Therefore, celebrity token holders have access rights that enable them to interact directly with their favourite celebrities. They may be eligible for NFT rewards, group fan meetings, and backstage passes.

Celebrities who sell tokens can also reap personal benefits from identifying their “superfans” who purchase tokens. These token-buying fans invest in the success of celebrities. They are encourage to share their celebrities success interact with their fans.

How the Celebrities Coin Work

Promify believes that celebrities should have the opportunity to monetize their time via social media. According to followers, most celebrities won’t make a living online unless they are among the top 1% of celebrities.

They will see a small increase in their income if they do. Promify believes that fans should have the chance to monetize what they do. This will not only true for social media platforms. As a result, this link will send to anyone Promify considers appropriate. This link will enable them to make celebrity coins. One creator can create up to 100,000 CC. The creator can create Bitcoin as many as.

This gives their fans the power and ensures they deprive of it. Celebrities can purchase access rights that grant them special access rights. They have the right to access NFTs, fan meetings, backstage visits, and other special access rights.

Social Interact Celebrities and Fans

Promify is the future for accountability. This platform allows fans to interact with celebrities online. This will change the social token market and create new streams of income for celebrities and fans. But, he will ensure loyal fans get rewarded for their loyalty.

However, this will allow celebrities to make money by monetizing the time and effort to create content on social media.

Protection Mechanism

Promify provides several protections to make sure celebrities and fans don’t get their token to manipulate. One of them is called the sales ceiling. This is a limit on the amount of tokens a single wallet can store.

The move is designed to avoid the strategy of skyrocketing then falling. Instead, CC is intended to increase value as a celebrity becomes increasingly famous in real life.

Celebrity Coin creators, for example, have a vesting time. This means that they are not able to flip a coin. They must do the work to promote the coin, and increase its value. A daily selling limit establishes to protect tokens from market fluctuations.

All these steps aim at creating a long-term, sustainable and profitable ecosystem for celebrities and fans. Fans receive value for the time spent promoting their favorite celebrities and celebrities for the content they create for fans.

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