What do You Need to Know About Building a Personal Mining Rig?


You will know that mining is a method in which computers use their skills to solve complex mathematical problems, validate and confirm transaction information, and create new blocks to add information to the blockchain. It is possible that mining can at home, that is one way to build a personal mining rig.

How to mine the currency, and what hardware requirements for building a private mining rig. A cryptocurrency miner has two main tasks: to verify that transactions are authentic and to update the ledger on the blockchain. This exercise design to help you decode transactions and give you rewards.

There are currently over 1,500 altcoins available on the marketplace and a total market cap of $100 Billion as of last Wednesday. As 2018 draws to a close, many people wonder if they missed the train. Some might even believe that they are intelligent enough not to miss the train.

It’s possible to learn more about cryptocurrency mining by reading the following article.

Understanding the Mining Rig

A mining rig can describe as a mining platform equipped with one or several computers for the mining process.

Mining is about controlling various cryptocurrencies’ blockchains that are still in operation and protected from possible attacks. For mining cryptocurrency, you need a lot more computing power and electricity. Mining Pools equipment allows you to complete tasks quicker than other computers and thus earn more.

How do You Build Your Private Mining Rig from Scratch?

The following components will require to start your mining ventures:

  • Motherboard

It must support 4 to 8 video cards. This means it must have at minimum 4 PCIe ports. Most motherboards are based upon the P45, P43, or P35 chipsets.

  • Power supply. Mining machines are notorious for using a lot of power. It is recommended that you look for a power supply that has a power rating between 1000 watts to 750 watts, depending upon your needs.

Power supplies are generally classified as Plus, Plus Bronzes, Plus Silvers, Plus Golds, and Platinum. The price varies depending on which class they fall under. The maximum values for mining purposes are Bronze and Gold. Titanium, Titanium, and Platinum are the best options for efficacy. In the long-term, the cost difference will be worth it based upon the electricity savings.

  • Graphics cards: base composition of Intel-based Z270 can also install using Celeron G3900(G3930) processor or a rig running on Core 2 Duet E7300. The AthlonX3 445 is perfectly compatible with the AMD base and the 970A chipset. Intel Core i3, i5, i7, and i5 multicore processors are also available for the base Z270 chipset.

GPU, known as Graphics Processing Unit, is the most important component in a personal cryptocurrency mining rig. Both AMD or NVIDIA offer their advantages and drawbacks. The algorithm of the coin being mined will have a different mining rate and power consumption. NVIDIA cards can be set up more quickly, are less prone to cooling problems, and consume more energy.

  • RAM: You will need at least 4 GB RAM. However, depending on which software you use, you may need more RAM. The vertical cable is used to connect the motherboard to the graphics cards.

Personal bitcoin mining rig can be an important investment, just as we have seen.

What does it take to build mining equipment?

Rigs also pose a complex question. As usual, the answer depends on how your Rig was built. GPU Rigs are often cheaper than ASIC Rigs. However, the latter’s capabilities will be more obvious.

Other factors will also play a role in your decision, such as those listed above. Have you put the Rig in the home? While this will save you money on rental for mining, you will have to spend some money soundproofing your space.

Are you looking to finish a basement, or do you want an empty basement? Even though soundproofing doesn’t cost much, you’ll need to spend money on an air conditioner.

As you can see, many factors will impact the final price for building a Rig. However, a basic GPU Rig may cost EUR1300 (4 GPU RX 580).

ASIC Rigs are more expensive. ASICs such as the Innosilicon A10 Pro (500Mh/s Ethereum) is priced at around EUR2500. These ASICs do not consume much electricity (750 Watts), but they are quite loud, so don’t have them in the same space.


There is much more I can mention before I wrap up this tutorial. First, you need to find the best energy supplier. The price of the parts that you use to build your mining equipment might seem like the most expensive part of mining cryptocurrency. But you are wrong! Electricity can eat away at your profits. Look for the cheapest supplier.

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