US Truck Driver Plans Convoy To Washington And Has Raised Over $100,000
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US Truck Driver Plans Convoy To Washington And Has Raised Ov...

US Truck Driver Plans Convoy To Washington And Has Raised Over $100,000

The “People’s Transport Fleet,” a US replica of a Canadian truck driver free transportation fleet, is in operation plans. While the Canadian government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are attempting to suppress protests in Ottawa by dispatching police to camps on Friday. It’s on the inside. The US convoy has so far donated more than $100,000, according to the American Foundation for Civil Liberties and Freedom.

US Convoy of Truck Driver To Go On Protest Plans

Hundreds of truck drivers have been seen throughout the world engaging in the Freedom Convoy protests and efforts in Canada for weeks. On the streets of downtown Ottawa, truck drivers protested the Covid-19 vaccine obligations that apply to the trucking industry. The Canadian government just approved an emergency law after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that he will do “whatever it takes” to put an end to the protests in the country.

National police in Canada also wrote to the bitcoin exchange, requesting that they select more than 20 digital currency addresses. After GoFundMe stopped raising funds for Freedom Convoy, fans began raising funds for cryptocurrency. Trudeau also warned that more crypto accounts might target in the future. Police dispatch. To arrest people who continue to demonstrate at the Free Convoy camp.

Meanwhile, a convoy from the United States arranging, and American truck drivers are gaining media attention. People’s Convoy is the name of a truck convoy located in the United States. “Declaration of national emergency in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and restoration of our country’s constitution,” the organization stated. On the internet Sign up for registration A location where truck drivers can take part in “legal” protests. According to the website, as of Friday, February 18, donations “currently exceed $ 100,000.”

Bitcoin, Ethereum donation accepted — One of the Protest Sentences “You work for us.”

Donation accepting for the People’s Convoy, which will begin on February 22 and leave California the next day. Truck driver plans can also join a convoy in transit as they pass through other states on their way to Washington, DC. American Citizens’ Foundation for Freedom and Liberty Donations can make a via credit card, Paypal, or cryptocurrency through the organization’s website. Page devoted to donations It displays the addresses for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

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When Ethereum (ETH) launching, both addresses received thousands of dollars (ETH).. Using the current Bitcoin exchange rate, BTC Address has raised 0.0689 BTC ($ 2,752.54). The ETH is an acronym for “Electronic Trading System A total of 28 transactions have been confirmed by the wallet.

The People’s Convoy has also gotten national attention from mainstream media outlets, including Mother Jones contributor Kiera Butler’s essay The People’s Convoy Being Called the “US Truck Driver Plans” [of] Radical.

Certain media outlets have dubbed truck drivers participating in the People’s Convoy. I’m still preaching about my immediate mission. It appears that the purpose is to support the US Constitution as well as end the state of emergency.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic two years ago, freelancing activists think that excessive politicians have stepped on the constitution. The website for the US truck driver plans Convoy stresses the claimed objectives, one of which is to send a message to US bureaucrats. According to the website’s declaration:

“You are working for us, our elected leaders who believe they have power over us. Our Constitution establish to give the government adequate power to act on a national level without robbing citizens of their fundamental rights.”

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